TheLa Follette Capital Fund’smission is to support capital projects that enhance the excellence of Robert M. La Follette High School by

1) raising money for needed capital improvements through the La Follette Capital Fund, and
2) providing perpetual funding for projects through support of the La Follette Individual Endowment Fund.

The LCF is structured as a pass through so all donations collected will be available for immediate use. The LCF is supported solely by gifts from individuals, groups, and businesses. The La Follette Capital Fund’s track record shows it is a successful fundraiser, able to complete complex projects and effectively uses its funds. To date more than $136,000 has been raised and has been used to: Entirely fund the renovation of the original wooden seats in the August Vander Meulen Auditorium, a $70,000 project, purchase auditorium spotlights and participate in bringing La Follette,s individual endowment fund to over $93,000. Our goal is to increase the balance of La Follette’s Individual Endowment Fund to $100,000.